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Workshop of Photonics | WOP is a growing high-technology company providing laser-based solutions and technologies for industry and science customers.

I am Simas Godovan and I like cookies.

We build a brand-new in-house team to develop Laser Fabrication, Nanoscale Motion Control, HMI, and Embedded systems. In a nutshell, to control lasers, build robots to control lasers, grow neural networks to build robots to control lasers. 

Building a sustainable lightsaber, drawing smiley face on the surface of the moon, providing advanced mining multi-tools for Mars exploration comes as a package deal. 

That is why we are looking for DevOps with considerable experience in desktop, web, mobile application developmentmonitoring, and maintenance to join us

Keep reading, and if looks interesting enough, let us know! In case the feeling is mutual, we will let you know as well! 😉 


  • You will be a part of a new team in a laser technology development company. 
  • You will build CI/CD, deploy and monitor infra, maintain dev cycle, deal with production ops issues. 
  • Discussed approach at the moment, initial stack: GitLab Runner, SonarQube, Sentry, Windows VMs for nightly and stable builds. PVE HA cluster, GCP services, local diagnostics network, and some cloud services like CF. Two teams. Ops team for daily operations. Product team for long-term feature development. 
  • Desktop app, 500k+ SLOC, .NET Framework (4.7+) C#, sprinkles of C/C++ for performance reasons. 
  • WebServices (Python/ASP.NET) for remote diagnostics, paired with mobile App (Android/iOS). 
  • App complexity comes from supporting a multi-vendor hardware stack and spaghetti architecture. 
  • Salary after taxes ~3-4k, additional health insurance, and other perks available. 


After your Onboarding, you will be engaged in activities such as: 

  • Planning, deploying and maintaining server infrastructure. 
  • Deploying, integrating, and configuring CI/CD tools, automating release cycle. 
  • Reviewing your peers, being under the constant pressure of your peers checking you.  
  • Writing crucial code pieces, squashing production bugs, trying out new bugs in production. 
  • Socializing with researchers, asking seemingly stupid questions about materials science. 
  • Drinking free coffee, eating occasional birthday cakes, laughing at corporate jokes. 
  • Tinkering with lasers, motion systems, scanners, and other equipment your will be integrating.

(Required) Therefore, for you to be hired, unless you know better, we need to be convinced that: 

  • You have done DevOps choirs and developer software for at least 5 years and got paid for it. 
  • You have built a CI/CD pipeline, and it went well, eventually. 
  • You have total control of your surroundings both in Windows and UNIX environments. 
  • You know a considerable amount of the .NET and Windows application dos and don’ts. 
  • You have outstanding C# knowledge with examples to back it up. 
  • You have deployed cloud and physical servers under VMware or PVE to run LXC and K8s. 
  • You know how and when to use Bash, Batch, PowerShell scripting. 
  • You are in a good relationship with RMDS, and you get why it is ACID. PostgreSQL will do. 
  • Your Engrish is measured at C1 or higher. Tinkering around will require you to RTFM. 

(Optional) Our 12-points go to the Roop and DevOps who: 

  • Has experience with C/C++, Python, JS, Rust. 
  • Has modeled domain-specific language with MPS or similar tools. 
  • Has survived encounters with G-Code, M-Code (heavy breathing). 
  • Had vivid dreams made with OpenGL, Vulkan, or DirectX? 
  • Has real-world application examples using OpenCV, SDL || FreeGLUT || GLFW. 
  • Has ever used specs to understand CAD/3D formats like DXF/DWG, STL, OBJ, 3MF, etc. 
  • Has cursed XUnit, NUnit, or MSTest tools and the day people invented TDD. 
  • Has developed at least one web application that included REST || RPC/gRPC || GraphQL APIs. 
  • Has programmed machine vision systems, image recognition algorithms. 
  • Has programmed hardware systems, CNC machines, 3D printers, etc. 
  • Has programmed embedded system and Human-Machine-Interfaces. 
  • Has applied IaC practices and tools in a production environment. 
  • Knows how to Git. 

Oh, and for instant karma, be prepared to defend your position on: 

  • Who shot first? 
  • What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? 
  • Why Emacs lost the holy war to Vim? 

Being a part of WOP is a considerable reward on its own. Still, there so much more we offer: 

  • Decent monthly compensation, ranging from 5k to 6.5k (before taxes), for tax-logic-impaired ~3-4k. 
  • Health insurance, to get those dental visits you postpone, to get those muscles growing in a gym, etc. 
  • Reasonably flexible work hours, do your part honestly, and in return, we will not micromanage you. 
  • Free of charge, voluntary discipline, to constantly improve your skills, at conferences, online training, etc. 
  • Pension options for those who care and for those who like options. 
  • Remote work, yes and no. Yes – if you feel like it, no – you cannot bring lasers back home. 
  • Morale booster package. Fresh fruit, drinks, snacks, birthday cakes, etc. 
  • High-tech equipment to tinker with, research buddy supervision is mandatory, sorry. 
  • Bragging rights, to tell your friends you work with lasers and own a HEV Suit. 
  • A unique business, micro-size challenges, for those who are fatigued by yet another-ERP project coming. 
  • Option to choose your title. “Employee #40” is reserved. 

Before everything else, you should now: 

  • We take full ownership of what we do. Check the concept of extreme ownership. 
  • There are some work ethics to be aware of. Check it out at 
  • Dogfooding in action, fulltime. Everything we develop, we use it in our laboratory daily. 
  • We develop tech that goes to space, likely every mobile screen on the earth, and probably next-gen chips. 
  • You will have at least 4 colleagues named Martynas, more expected. 


It ain’t much, but it’s honest work. 

Selected candidates will be informed only.

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